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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 6, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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we are following that breaking news in the central valley. a workplace shooting in fresno and late word from police this morning. the suspect is a parolee with a handgun. good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. it is an active scene at the apple valley farms in fresno on hedges road. not far from black stone avenue. black stone is closed off there. it will be most of the day while the officers try to piece together what happened. >> police say in all four people were shot and one person is dead. two are in critical condition and one is in serious condition. they are naming the suspect as
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42-year-old lawrence jones, an employee at apple valley farms. they say a little after 8:00 this morning, he was working near the cold storage area in the plant when he pulled out a handgun and opened fire. police say 30 people witnessed the shooting. more than 60 were in the building at the time. they say jones later shot himself in the head outside of the plant and he is still alive. as for a motive, police will spend the day talking to everyone to find out what may have set him off. we are having trouble with the sound on the tape. that is the chief of police in fresno. witnesses tell police that jones had not been himself in the past few days. again, four people shot, one person killed in a workplace shooting in fresno. we will be sure to update you through the day as we get more
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information. now on to the other big story of the morning. decision 2012. >> i have a clear and unequivocal message. with the right leadership, america's going to come roaring back. >> let's go vote! let's keep moving forward! god bless you and god bless the united states of america. >> so the day is here. obama or romney. voters are getting to make their choice and deciding the fate of the country and state and area as you head out on this election day. >> the presidential and vice presidential candidates were casting their ballots this morning, except for president obama. he voted early a couple of weeks ago on october 25th. nbc bay area leann grey has latest. >> reporter: long lines at polling stations in battle
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ground states in ohio and virginia and north carolina and florida and colorado and nevada. also in hurricane-damaged areas without power, balloted are cast in tents. after a year of campaigning, canndidates voted today. romney voted in massachusetts. vice president joe biden waited at his polling station in delaware. president obama, now back in chicago, held his final campaign rally in iowa on monday night. he won't be voting today. he joined the more than 30 million people nationwide who voted early in 34 states and the district of columbia. votes that were not allowed to be counted until today. but it is the last-minute undecided votes that has romney with the push in pennsylvania and in the toughest battle ground of all, ohio. >> i feel great about ohio. >> reporter: with polls showing
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a virtual tie, it is the handful of swing states that determine the presidency. tallies will be carefully scrutinized for a long night of counting. marla and jon. >> quick question here. president obama is not campaigning today. he is keeping tradition and playing hoops at the white house with friends. actually in chicago. romney is making stops in the key battle ground states. why do you feel team romney feels this is so important? >> reporter: well, although the polls show they are neck and neck in these two states, there is a slight edge for obama. romney feels like he wants to get out and give the extra final push to put him over the top. some people believe that he really does need to win ohio in he has a chance of winning the presidency. >> absolutely.
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lee ann gregg, thank you so much. voters nationwide doing more than deciding who is the next president. they weigh in on controversial top topics. people in maine and maryland and washington are voting to legalize same-sex marriage. voters are being asked to amend to ban gay marriage. in washington and oregon and colorado, voters are choosing to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. and los angeles voters will decide if porn stars should be required to use condoms while performing in adult films. there is a request for more money in the bay area. there are almost three dozen tax measures. statewide, there are 300 revenue raising proposals up for votes. and voters deciding to tax
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themselves. governor jerry brown is behind the measure. groups have spent millions of dollars trying to defeat. he was out in oakland casting his vote. we have christie smith joining us live from oakland with why this will not be an easy vote and proposition. >> reporter: good morning. a real slow, but steady group of voters here in oakland. governor jerry brown is among the first this morning. he told reporters he thinks the tax increases are a reasonable thing to ask given the alternative $6 billion in cuts. governor jerry brown greeted supporters of proposition 30 in the oakland hills. voted by the back drop of the fire station with the dalmation by his side. >> i think that's a proposition that speaks for itself and i
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wouldn't be a bit surprised if the outcome is more positive than move you are expecting. >> reporter: he was surrounded by oakland teachers. >> i feel optimistic and not entirely confident. if i was entirely confident, i would not go out this afternoon to do poll watching. >> reporter: the initiative is about funding education and it is more, public safety and health care and prison realignment program. >> we are not against that, but we know that fundamental foundation will be education. >> reporter: california news new web registration added 600,000 new voters to the election. they are young and mostly democrat. political observers are most independent and may not follow party lines. they could choose president obama, but not show the same support for prop 30. those against prop 30 feel the governor put education out front. >> it was a false choice to say
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it was either education, funding or the cuts. it was tied to education. that was the best way to get the voters to go along with the tax increase. >> reporter: proposition 30 needs 50% to pass. both sides agree this is going to be very close. as for governor brown, he held that one last rally this morning. he says that's it for today. he will spend the rest of the day hiking. reporting live, christie smith, nbc bay area news. and prop 30 is up against proposition 38. another education-related tax. it is being funded by mol molly munger. she spent more than $47 million on that proposition. it would raise an estimated $10 billion for schools and pay down state debt. if 30 and 38 happen to pass, the one that ends up with the most total votes wins.
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voters are also deciding whether to raise the sales tax in two bay area counties. we have bob redell live in san jose with more on both of the measures named "a." bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, marla. voters dropping off ballots in thing south bay must not only consider a sales tax increase on the state level, of course, i'm referring to 30 and 38, but also on the county level as well. if measure "a" is passed in santa clara county, it would raise sales tax to 8.5% for ten years. tying it for the third highest sales tax in the state. it would raise about $50 million annually. this would help restore services that have been cut in recent years like police and public safety and health care coverage and housing for people living on
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the streets. >> i voted in favor of the tax. i thought it was a small price to pay. it seemed like the purpose of the tax and where the money would go would be a good thing for the community. >> i say it is difficult to pay extra taxes. >> i think it's needed. i'm prepared to do my part. it's like dues paying members of a community. you want to see something happen. you pay your dues. >> reporter: i'm sure you recognize congress member mike honda. he is up for re-election. san mateo county has a sales tax. that is a half cent sales tax increase raising the rate to 8.75%. that raised $60 million annually for ten years and that would go to general county services. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. thank you.
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several other statewide measures are gaining a lot of attention. the ballot that will include prop 31 and prop 32 which bans unions from using money from payrolls for political purposes and prop 38 which would require companies to alert consumers to genetically engineered foods by using detailed labeling. our entire investigative unit is on duty right now. if you have a problem, tell us about it. call our investigative tip line at the number on your screen. it is 888-996-tips. that's t-i-p-s. or send us an e-mail at of course, nbc bay area is your home for election results. our live coverage of the national election starts at 4:00. we will have local updates
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throughout the night. plus, nbc bay area at 11:00 will fill you in on all of the results and we'll be back again starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning. first, we will have expert opinion about your voter turn out and why the propositions could help bring out more people at least here in california. still ahead, will superstorm sandy have a bad impact on election day on the east coast? we will tell you how states are getting around all of the damage and trying to fill out their ballots. and the price tag might be a little tough to swallow. did the city dip into the red or dip into the black and orange to pay for it? right now, it's not poison. this is nothing but sweet horizon. a live look at san jose. we'll be back in a minute. [ male announcer ] are you ready for tomorrow's technology today?
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today it's all about decision 2012. here is what is under way in centennial, colorado. about 100 people waited for the doors to open to make their voice heard. you are encouraged to do the same and cast your vote as well. also on this election day, a strategy on the east coast trying to get people out to vote after being displaced by sandy. authorities will drive people to cast ballots. voters in disaster zonesill be able to cast a ballot at any place they are able to reach. the storm killed more than 100 people in ten states and more than 1 million businesses and homes remain without power more than a week after sandy hit the east coast. we have a small slice of good news to report.
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new york's 9/11 memorial reopening today. this coming a week after the storm flooded the world trade center site. water had risen as high as ten feet in spots. this one took days for water pumps to drain out tens of millions of gallons of water. this election comes with several propositions in california. we talked about governor brown's proposition and then proposition 34 which would repeal the death penalty. prop 36 would modify the three strikes law. one of our political analysts says he thinks these controversial propositions will inspire more people to vote. he doesn't think voter turnout will be as high as it was in 2008. >> we set some records in 2008. compared to other democracies, we do not have the level of turnout that other countries have. if we get 65%, we are patting
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ourselves on the back and say that is great. >> that was the voice of professor contra. marla, history shows us the markets tend to stay quiet on election day. scott mcgrew says the wait and see pays off. >> good morning. it is because many investors concluded with a will happen today. historically, markets don't react strongly even after an election regardless of which candidate wins. business does better under republican, but history says the markets do better when the democrat is in office. now, note i didn't say because a democrat was in office. it is not necessarily cause and effect, but bull markets and democratic presidents line up. netflix has mixed up a poison
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pill. a way of discouraging a hostile takeover. we assume in an attempt to cause a huge shake up. new rules established last night by the netflix board says if any one person buys a full 10%, special rules take effect creating more netflix stock. the company can create whole shares as often as it wishes. they don't do that because it dilutes the shares and makes them worthless. if someone is buying up your company, you can make more shares for more company for him to buy and make it more difficult to him to takeover. that is a poison pill. thanks, scott mcgrew. >> today, you cannot use the weather as an excuse as to why you cannot get out and rock the vote. it is just a gorgeous day outside.
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christina. >> good morning. we have a really, really nice day shaping up. we are going to touch on records yet again. i want to start with this live picture and beautiful shot. alcatraz island and clear conditions. this is the last day as clouds are going to start to roll in this evening. temperatures are at 72 in novado. 67 in san francisco. 73 degrees here in san jose. basically, running about as warm at this hour as we were 24 hours ago. we are expecting to break more records through the day. marla pointed out you don't with a to take the weather for granted. 83 bay side. it works out like this. we will see temperatures in the upper 70s in some of your cities throughout tomorrow. a major drop off in terms of temperatures today. we hold off on the breeze and the fog free conditions will continue for just one more day. look at what is headed our way.
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area of low pressure will dramatically change our pattern. 20 to 25 degree dropoff, rain and wind and snow levels dropping to 2,500 feet. when we talk about a drop like that, cold air is on the way to the bay area. we could expect our first mountain snow dusting on thursday. we have a better chance of that over mt. hamilton on friday morning. 86 degrees today. enjoy it while it lasts. 82 in san jose. 80 degrees in san francisco. here is the seven-day forecast. everybody will get something. 86 today. the showers move in tomorrow. we will continue the shower chance into friday. the cool weather continues saturday into sunday. back to you. thanks so much. >> okay. next up, a major warning for parents here. criminal charges filed after a baby dies at a day care. >> stay with us. ♪
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welcome back. we have breaking news right now to report for you. there were searchers out looking for a nuclear engineer who disappeared on the hill top. an adult man matching the description of george slider was founded deceased in the area where the search and rescue was taking place. the sheriff's office press information officer at the scene. no confirmation yet it is his body. the adult description matching his body has been found. the 74-year-old was out walking when he went missing. we will keep you updated.
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three child care workers are under arrest after a baby died in their care. the marin county medical examiner said the 4-month-old baby boy died because he was suffocated by the bedding in his crib at the magic place children's center in san rap raphael. winning the world series is having an impact on san francisco's economy. mayor ed lee's office said the city spent $225,000 to hold last week's victory parade. the giants helped foot $1 million for the remaining costs, but city officials say the price was offset compliments of visitors spending between $18 million and $40 million during the championship run. >> quite a celebration. love the golden broom. we'll be back right after this.
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okay. to finish up on this election day, the art of voting can able
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unifying experience. >> for the men currently occupying the white house, he is getting love from halfway around the world. that is sarah obama. the 90-year-old grandmother sending well wishes to her man. sarah telling the media it is a tough race so i have prayed for him. she may not be the president's maternal grandmother, but he does call her mama sarah. and on the opposite side of the race, paul ryan taking his kids out to the polling station in his hometown of janesville, wisconsin. dad showing how you navigate a ballot and showing the civic duty. >> have a great day. thanks for being with us.
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